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Kamis, Desember 08, 2011

WIMAX Service in Indonesia

Finally Indonesia telecommunication regulator decides that band 2.3 GHz and 3.3 GHz will be used for WIMAX service. WIMAX Service in Indonesia is predicted to launch at November 2010.

Wimax is mobile internet service which giving high speed internet access to mobile telecommunication subscribers. Telecommunication companies and service provider who won the bidding and will launch WIMAX service in Indonesia areInternux, Berca Hardayaperkasa, First Media, Telkom, Indosat Mega Media, Comtronics Systems Consortium dan Adiwarta Perdania, Jasnita Telekomindo, and Indonesian WIMAX Consortium.

WIMAX is a short name for Worldwide Interoperability of Microwave Access. WIMAX is described in IEEE 802.16 Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) standard. The goal of WIMAX introduction to provide fixed wireless alternative to conventional DSL and Cable Internet.

WIMAX service which has broadband wireless access (BWA) license will allow subscribers to experience high speed internet access up to 70 Mbps and has range – 30-mile (50-km) radius from base station through mobile internet service. However, actual speed will be received by WIMAX subscriber is less than 70 Mbps. Introduction WIMAX service in Indonesia definitely will give more choices for the telecommunication subscriber in Indonesia while they want to access internet with high speed access instead of current mobile internet service such as 3G and EVDO services which already came earlier. Telecommunication subscriber in Indonesia also will select which one of broadband internet access has a good performance and which one is poor. They will select the good one and leave the poor

WIMAX system consists of two part :

1. A WIMAX Base Station:
Base station consists of indoor electronics and a WIMAX tower. Typically, a base station can cover up to 10 km radius (Theoretically, a base station can cover up to 50 kilo meter radius or 30 miles, however practical considerations limit it to about 10 km or 6 miles). Any wireless or mobile internet service node within the coverage area would be able to access the Internet.

2. A WIMAX receiver
The receiver and antenna could be a stand-alone box or a PCMCIA card that sits in your laptop or computer. Access to WIMAX base station is similar to accessing a Wireless Access Point in a WiFi network, but the coverage is more.

The introduction of WIMAX service is to give alternative to the existing mobile broadband internet service which already provided by GSM and CDMA network with the service 3G and EVDO. WIMAX service is also to give alternative internet connection through WiFi which has limited coverage.

Let see whether WIMAX service in Indonesia will response well by telecommunication subscriber in Indonesia or not as the current mobile internet service.
source : www.telecomandinternet.com

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